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115 W Fayette Street Syracuse, NY 13202

Who We Are

The mission of the Northside Urban Partnership (Northside UP) is to radically improve the quality of life on the Northside of Syracuse. We convene citizens, organizations, businesses and institutions to identify common interests and work towards tangible outcomes.

Northside UP is a program of CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity and collaboratively sponsored by St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center and Catholic Charities of Onondaga County. Our work is accomplished in partnership with community stakeholders such as the Northeast Hawley Development Association and the Northside Business Partnership.

Northside UP Staff


Stasya Erickson


After graduating from Syracuse University with my painting degree, I stumbled upon a summer job at the Northside Urban Partnership engaging youth in public art. At that time, I was searching for a community and eager for compelling work opportunities. The Northside provided both for me. Through my work, I’ve rediscovered this city and the energy and potential that lies within it. What brought me into this community keeps me here.


Jonathan Link Logan


Although I grew up In Seneca Falls, my ties to the Northside go back over 100 years when my great grandfather emigrated from Italy, married a German girl from the neighborhood, and started a small grocery store. After completing my undergraduate at SUNY ESF, I lived in Pennsylvania and Virginia but I eventually wanted to move back to the area to be closer to my family and friends. Upon learning about the work of Northside UP, which melded well with my own interests in urban planning and landscape architecture, I decided to move back to Syracuse, live in the home my mother and her mother grew up in while being part of an exciting effort to revitalize the Northside.


Dominic Robinson

Vice President of Economic Inclusion, CenterState CEO

My work on the Northside started when I met a Franciscan friar in 2005. Despite nearly a 50 year age difference, Canice Connors and I became fast friends. Canice was then directing Franciscan Collaborative Ministries, which provided an impressive array of ministries and services to people living in the Northside of Syracuse. Canice’s vision expanded beyond social services, however. He wanted to initiate a movement, one rooted in creativity and collaboration, that was dedicated to ‘radically’ improving quality of life on the Northside and begin breaking the cycle of poverty that the neighborhood had come to know over several decades. I was invited to help make this vision a reality in December of 2006.

From philosophical conversations over coffee, to the Northside Collaboratory and Northside UP, we have made incredible and unexpected progress. It’s been made possible by the countless people that have supported our efforts over the years and the many colleagues that have joined me in this organization. I am truly blessed to do creative, fulfilling work, while being surrounded by creative and kind people. The neighborhood still has a ways to go, but I am hopeful about the direction in which we’re headed.

Mary Beth

Mary Beth Schwartzwalder

Program Assistant – Business and Communications 

I grew up in Auburn, NY and often ventured into Syracuse for shopping and good food. The past nine years I’ve spent pursuing a love of literature and libraries and trying to be a part of various communities in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Akron. In the end, I returned home interested in investing in a community that I can help nurture and develop, and vice versa. The Northside is so rich with different cultures, businesses, and stories and I’m excited to have a chance to interact with the neighborhood through Northside UP.