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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Health Relief on the Northside

Written by admin  • September 30, 2009

As the weather turns cooler, and we all spend more time indoors, we will probably see an increase in the dreaded cold, or worse: the flu. Common sense gets us to wash our hands, stay home if we are sick and contagious, and get lots of rest. An article in the Post-Standard recognized the unebelievably good work of the Poverello Health Clinic on North Salina Street. They meet a critical need: one in ten out of every Central New Yorker lacks health care. For those with out, the clinic, run by Sister Dolores Bush of Northside Ministries, gives help through volunteer doctors and nurses. It is a comforting thought to know that they are there, willing and happy to help. For more on their services, please read this article. Earlier this year, we also posted a word or two about this article about the work of both Sister Dolores Bush and Sister James Peter Ridgeo. Please also visit Franciscan Collaborative Ministries website, which offers the clinics hours, as well as other important services offered by the Northside Ministries.

This picture is courtesy of the Post-Standard.

Before There Were Billboards

Written by admin  • September 29, 2009

As one wanders the streets of the Northside, you begin to become aware the neighborhood’s long and storied commercial history. Before there were billboards, store owners would paint their marketing signs on the sides of prominent buildings. Some of these are fading with time, leaving passers-by to wonder when they last served their intended purpose. Where was Schiller Shoes, advertised on the 800 block of North Salina? Others are receiving new life, being repainted as part of building facade improvements or public arts projects.

As the cooler autumn weather arrives, it is a good time to grab a hot drink from your favorite Northside cafe and wander the streets to discover these Northside landmarks. If you have any information you would like to share on these signs so we can provide some follow up or create a self-guided walking tour, please feel free to contact Jonathan Logan at jonathan@assisicenter.org

Second to None GreenTRAIN Graduates Class Number 2

Written by admin  • September 28, 2009

On Friday, family, friends and enthusiastic supporters of the 14 graduates of the Northside Green Train program gathered in the brightly colored community space of the Northside Collaboratories here at 800 N. Salina St to celebrate the accomplishments of the hard-working men. The most recent class of the program had a list of accomplishments indeed not the least of which was evidenced by the structure just next door where the Northside Economic Resource Center will hopefully be held, now with stunningly remodeled and painted interiors. The second class of Green Train graduates built upon the work and successes of the pioneer class, continuing the sustainable and environmentally conscious construction of the building.

Several organizations come together to provide the opportunities presented by this innovative workforce development program, including Franciscan Collaborative Ministries, the Metropolitan Development Association, CNY Works, Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union, St. Joseph’s Hospital, BOCES Career Training Center, Syracuse City School District, the Syracuse Workforce Development Institute, Syracuse University and the Syracuse Center of Excellence. However, Lenore Seeley of CNY Works, when asked to say a few words to the graduates emphasized the fact that it wasn’t about the litany of organizations and non-profits that brought the fourteen men to be sitting in the front two rows on this specific Friday morning, but that it was about each and everyone of them. According to Seeley, workforce development is an admittedly bog-like term to traverse, but ultimately workforce development begins with the individual. “Keep learning,” she finished by taking advantage of the community and the opportunities it presents, but do it for yourself, continue the pursuit of lifelong learning for you.

Oliver Luisi formerly of the Northside Collaboratories emphasized the bright futures in store for the graduates with the new skills and tools that the students developed throughout the program.

Odell Rice, one of the graduates was given the opportunity to speak saying that although he’d worked in the construction industry for years he’d never had the knowledge that he was able to obtain through the program. He brightly finished his speech, “Anyone out there willing to hire, I’m ready.” Indeed, all of the hard working men who recently completed the program are ready and willing to start building a brighter, greener world.

“Hidden Taxes” Further Disfavor New York States Goverment with Small Business Owners

Written by admin  • 

Late last week Rick Moriarty of The Post-Standard wrote an article about the $50 fee that the New York State government has imposed on businesses to collect sales tax. Upon receiving the notice that the state government circulated to several of the state’s retailers in turn, many have responded with complaints. Although the state tax department is claiming that the measure is to help update the database with current information as to the businesses’ addresses, owners and even current names, legislators definitely voted the motion in hopes of garnering further revenue. Luckily those 280,000 businesses who collect less than $3,000 in sales tax do not have to worry about paying the fee, the 310,000 businesses who collect more than that amount are out another $50. Nu-Tronics store owner Al Tompkins wishes the state would be honest and call this new fee what it really is. “I really hate hidden taxes,” he said. “They should be up front about it.” Tompkins sells electronic communications equipment in his James Street store in Syracuse. Read the full article on Syracuse.com here.


SWOT Invades Mayoral Debate

Written by admin  • September 25, 2009

Photo taken by Gloria Wright of The Post-Standard

No, the specialized SWAT Police force did not interrupt the proceedings last night at the First English Lutheran Church on James St., but Geoffrey Navias of the Greater North Salina Business Association and artisitic director of the Open Hand Theater opened up the conversation asking each of the candidates for a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis for the city. Navias emphasized the importance of SWOT to strategic planning for any business or project venture. Each candidate provided their own individual insights from the challenges the city faces to the greatest strengths and resources the city currently possesses. Following these assessments by each of the candidates the floor was opened to questions from the audience, each speaker was a small businesses owner who posed questions specific to their business’ situation but these questions were easily generalized to expose difficulties within the process of dealing with city hall under past and the current mayoral administration, as well as having to handle unfair state taxes or laws.

Greater details on each of the candidates’ plans for helping to grow small businesses can be found in an article by Michelle Breidenbach of The Post-Standard on Syracuse.com here.

Army of Volunteers Creates Playground

Written by admin  • 

Taken from Syracuse.com and Written By Lynette Chen and Dan Padovano / The Post-Standard


Syracuse, NY — Children who live in a neighborhood on Syracuse’s North Side soon will have a brand new playground in shades of tangerine, azure and white.

About 250 volunteers from The Home Depot, Kaboom!, Housing Visions Inc. and the community today have been hammering, shoveling and painting in an effort to put in a 3,000-square-foot playground in Highland Park at Douglas and Highland streets — all in one day.

Kevin Skolnik, project manager at Kaboom!, said accomplishing so much in such a short time was not difficult, because many people are turning out to help.

“People are stopping by and volunteering,” he said. “And we believe every child has the right to a safe, inspirational and exciting place to play no matter where they come from.”

The project costs $70,000. Most of the money comes from The Home Depot Foundation. Members of the community also contributed.

Kaboom!, a national nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to bringing play back into children’s lives. The Home Depot and Kaboom! have partnered to build and renovate playgrounds in more than 2,000 communities throughout North America since 1996.

The playground will accommodate up to 60 children, ages 2 to 12.

The Highland Park is the third park in Syracuse Kaboom! has helped to build. The Clinton Play Lot on Lodi Street was built in 2005. A playground behind the Central New York Charter School for Math and Science was built in 2001.

Click HERE for The Post-Standard Article

Highland Park goes Kaboom!

Written by admin  • September 23, 2009

Reminder: Starting tomorrow morning, volunteers from around the city will be busy at Highland Park constructing a new playground. The event will last from 8 through the afternoon. Food and drinks will be provided for volunteers. It will be a good day to enjoy the fall weather and the company of fellow Northsiders seeking to improve their neighborhood. If you have any questions, please contact Jonathan Logan at jonathan@assisicenter.org.

Tips for Northside Business Owners

Written by admin  • September 22, 2009

Northside business owners can take advantage of It’s Your Business, a free newsletter published monthly by the Syracuse office of the Small Business Administration. This month’s issue offers tips on how businesses can prepare for the upcoming flu season as well as highlights local Recovery Act success stories.

The issue also contains information about upcoming events in which small business owners might want to participate including the Small Business and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) show in Syracuse on October 8 at the OnCenter.

To read the entire September newsletter, click here. If you would like to sign up for the Syracuse District’s monthly e-newsletter, click here, check the box next to “SYRACUSE DISTRICT MONTHLY UPDATE” and enter your email address at the bottom of the page.

NYSERDA Open Event

Written by admin  • September 17, 2009

Join us for an Open Meeting information session with NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) on Thursday September 24th  at 5:30 pm.  Learn how to make improvements to your property, save money, and be a better steward of your environment, your community, and your own space.  Green Energy Aware participants who have had assessments completed are especially encouraged to attend to learn how to take the next steps toward implementation.

Representatives  of NYSERDA will be on hand from the small commercial, hospitality (restaurants, hotels/motels), and residential programs. NYSERDA reps will help you determine which energy program is right for you,  which  incentives  are available, and will answer any additional questions you may have.

The event is free and open to the public, and it will be at the Assisi Center, located at 800 North Salina St, Syracuse, NY. RSVPs are welcomed but not required.  Contact the Green Business Advisor, Frank Cetera, with any questions.
Click on the image above for Flyer!

Where You Should Be Tomorrow Night:

Written by admin  • September 16, 2009

Don’t Forget: You’re Invited….

When: Thursday (tomorrow!), September 17th @ 5:30.
Where: The Parish Center.
What: Wings and Pizza by Mr. Tony Mumm, Northsider.
Who: You, us, our neighbors, your friends, your family.

Come see what’s cooking…in the kitchen and on the Northside.

Donations suggested.