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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Fundraiser and Celebration in Remembrance of Fr. Joseph Champlin

Written by admin  • April 28, 2010

Cathedral Academy at Pompei (CAP), Le Moyne College and Father Champlin’s Guardian Angel Society are hosting an 80th Champagne and Dessert Birthday Party in celebration of Father Champlin. The event is to honor the memory of the life and of Father’s work here in Syracuse, as well as the founder of the Guardian Angel Society.
When: Saturday May 8, 2010
7:00-9:00 PM
Where: Cathedral Academy at Pompei
923 North McBride Street, Syracuse, New York
RSVP by April 30  — Call 422-8548

Father Champlin’s Birthday Party includes music and entertainment, featuring CAP students.  Champagne, wine, soda, coffee, St. Therese desserts, and chocolate  Birthday Cake, will be served in an elegantly transformed gymnasium.   Donations: $80 a person $150 a couple   RSVP 422-8545 by April 30th
**All proceeds go to student tuition assistance.  Checks payable to Our Lady of Pompei/St. Peter’s

The Syracuse Diocese remains committed to this school’s success.  Blended from two parishes, the rich Catholic tradition is visible throughout the building where multilingual children from twenty nations come to learn.  Academic achievement is significantly higher than national, state, and local urban schools.  And yes, there is another basketball championship to celebrate!

These accomplishments are no surprise.  The committed educational staff includes a gifted choral director and artist in residence as well as strong parish support for evangelization. Academic and social support, comes from Jesuit Novices and Le Moyne professors, students, and staff.  In addition the opportunity for Guardian Angel scholarships and Le Moyne College future scholarships encourage students to succeed.

Join us to learn more about our exciting new adventures such as the new summer literacy program and future plans for continued academic success.  Come, meet our students.  See how our three collaborative partnerships will continue to build on our past as we move toward providing for the children of the future at Cathedral Academy at Pompei.

Let’s Celebrate Our Children’s Futures!

Father Champlin’s Birthday Party Committee

Rev. Paul Angelicchio, Pastor of Our Lady of Pompei/St. Peters     Honorary Chair

Kathy Fedrizzi, Director of Father Champlin’s Guardian Angel Society
Charles LaBarbera, Principal of CAP
Lucy Paris, Parent and Parish Representative for Our Lady of Pompei/St. Peters
Colleen Rosenthal, Co-President and Parent of CAP School Commission   
Eric Rosenthal, Co-President and Parent of CAP School Commission   
Michael Vavonese , Parent and CAP Basketball Coach
Patricia Schmidt, Le Moyne College Professor
Karen Tifft, Guardian Angel Society Board Member

Four Syracuse Police Officers Honored for Rescuing Man from Fire

Written by admin  • April 26, 2010

Four Syracuse police officers were honored last week for saving a man from a burning building on the city’s North Side last year.

“All I could really think about at that point was reacting and going in and getting the guy,” said Brendan Cope, one of the four officers who entered the building. “I really wasn’t thinking, and I’m pretty sure the rest of the guys weren’t either, except for reacting and going and doing our job.”

Click here to read the full article.

Join the Library for their Annual Earth Day Cleanup

Written by admin  • April 21, 2010

Individuals and families are encouraged to participate in the White Branch Library’s 6th annual Earth Day cleanup event. To participate, just come to the library (763 Butternut St.) at 11:00 am on Saturday to pick up free trash bags and gloves. We’ll beautify the neighborhood and celebrate with a party afterwards, featuring a magic show by the Twin Magicians.

Life on the Northside 100 Years Ago — Some People Don’t Have to Imagine It

Written by admin  • April 20, 2010

In today’s Post-Standard, Dick Case publishes a letter from a 100 year-old woman, who used to live on the Northside and wander along the Erie Canal watching horses pull boats.

“Now I have a letter from Ann, written in a small but readable script, which she begins by saying ‘I was 100 on Oct.14, 2009.’

Ann was born and raised in Syracuse. The rest of her letter has some interesting remembrances of growing up at a time that’s beyond most of our understanding.”

For the rest of the story, please click here. (You’ll be redirected to Syracuse.com) Image from the Post-Standard.

Photos from the 700 Space pARTy

Written by admin  • April 19, 2010

Well, now that you’ve had the weekend to recover from all the spaceyness that happened on North Salina Street this past Friday, you can check out some photos of the 700 Space pARTy at Syracuse.com by clicking here or the image at left.

And if you didn’t get a chance to make it out this past weekend, stay tuned for news of future exciting space enlivening events.

Remember to Join us THIS Friday on the 700 Block of N. Salina St.

Written by admin  • April 14, 2010

Rain or shine this Friday night join the Northside Collaboratory and the 700 block of North Salina St in a FREE celebration of art, music, and space(s). The evening will showcase five bands, ten artists, and a whole spaceship full of inter-galactic entertainment. Come one, come all and by all means come in costume. For the night’s official “flight plan” check out the community art tab above or by clicking here.

Rain or Shine! The event is NOT outdoor specific, many aspects are located indoors, so please come and enjoy art, music and space no matter the weather conditions!
When: 6 -11 pm, April 16, 2010
Where: 700 Block of North Salina Street

End of March Updates

Written by admin  • April 12, 2010

Two rehabs on Catherine Street are having the floors applied, countertops being installed, and finished painting. The other two structures, with drywall installed, the focus now turns to floors, interior painting and cabinets.

In other news on Catherine Street, Housing Visions was able to partner once again with the City of Syracuse and purchase the derelict and vacant structure located at 612 Catherine Street.  They will soon demolish this building, opening the way for improvements that will be positive for the entire neighborhood.  Besides removing a blighted structure, it allows for a more convenient entry point for the housing residents, and will also create more green space.  This green space creates a safe and inviting area for the residential “tot lot” in which children can play.

The 500 block of N. Townsend still has exciting work in progress. The first building will have siding and flooring completed soon, the second has drywall being completed which will then be painted.  The third building will continue to have paint, trimming and floors applied, while the last structure will needs to have insulation started and then the drywall can be installed.

Along the 600 block of N. Townsend, one of the two rehabs on the block has the majority of the building’s interior and exterior work completed. The other rehab will have paint and trimming applied. 604 has its framing completed and will have mechanicals up next. The last two homes will see mechanical work continuing with insulation and drywall to follow. The lone structure on Hickory Street has its flooring completed and will have miscellaneous items finished. The site work on all parcels will resume once the warmer weather settles in.

Housing Visions is currently accepting applications for Prospect Hill Homes as the next set of units will be available in the summer of 2010.  Applications are available Monday-Friday (8:30-5:00) at their office on the corner of Maple and Genesee Streets, and at their Maple Heights facility (former Cherry Hill site). For more information, please visit their website by clicking here.

St. Joseph’s Welcomes New Physicians to Medical Staff

Written by admin  • 

Recently St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center released the names of several individuals welcomed to the medical staff as active physicians:

Physician Name

David M. Albala, MD
Surgery/Urology Surgery

Robert Feldman, MD
Family Medicine

Kristen Pfau, MD
Family Medicine 

Michael Pratts, MD   

Elyn L. Ring, MD
Internal Medicine

Damon A. Tohtz, MD

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center (www.sjhsyr.org) is a non-profit, 431-bed hospital and health care network providing services to patients from Onondaga and 15 surrounding counties. Through prevention programs and the latest diagnostic treatment procedures, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center works with patients to achieve optimum long-term health. A nine-time winner of the National Research Corporation Consumer Choice award, St. Joseph’s is designated a Magnet Hospital for Nursing Excellence by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, the highest honor bestowed on a hospital for nursing care. St. Joseph’s is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis. For more information on St. Joseph’s programs and services, call the Resource Line at 315-703-2138 or 1-888-STJOES1.

The 700 Space pARTy

Written by admin  • April 8, 2010

The 700 Space pARTy is the coolest thing happening in April or your money back. This free event will feature a whole night of “out of this world” entertainment sure to knock your space boots off, including guest appearances by your favorite aliens, bands, and artists. Come one, come all and by all means come in costume.

Launch Date:
16 April 2010 (rain or shine!)
18:00 – 23:00 hours
(that’s 6 PM – 11 PM for you civilians)

Why Space, you ask? And why pARTy?
This event is all about transforming vacant and traditional commercial spaces into art galleries and music venues for one evening. It’s also about bringing greater attention and new visitors to spaces that already exist as music and arts venues in our community (cough cough, Craft Chemistry). Because this event so heavily focuses on the theme of “spaces”, we thought it only right to introduce a space theme to the evening. We figured it couldn’t hurt.

The Flight Plan
Joe Driscoll: http://www.myspace.com/joedriscoll
Cheap ‘N Easy
David Wax Museum: http://www.myspace.com/davidwaxmusic
Summer People: http://www.myspace.com/summerpeople
Brownskin Band: http://www.myspace.com/brownskinband

Visual Artists:
Isaac Bidwell – illustrations: http://isaacbidwell.com/
Tara Hogan of Ink+Wit – papergoods: http://www.inkandwit.com/iw/
Sara Mills – mixed media installation
Vanessa Miguel – jewelry
Christine Clifton – photographs
Danielle Sakowski – paintings: http://www.infiniteintuitions.com/

Things you’d have to see to believe:
Open Hand Theater puppetry: http://www.openhandtheater.org/
Moon Bounce
Motivational/Prompted Photography
NASA footage, hosted by UVP: http://www.urbanvideoproject.com/
Juggling Lessons

For cosmic inspiration please see the list of famous aliens rumored to be attending the event:
1. ET
2. Luke Skywalker
3. Darth Vader
4. Yoda
5. Doctor Who
6. R2-D2
7. C-3PO
8. ALF
9. Zaphod Beeblebrox
10. Chewbacca
11. Marvin the Martian
12. “The thing”
13. Kang & Kodos (from the Simpsons)
14. Edgar (from the Men In Black)
15. Mork from ‘Mork and Mindy’
16. Mr. Spock
17. The Solomons (from the 3rd Rock from the Sun)
18. Allen Strange (from Nickelodeon’s The Journey of Allen Strange)
19. Animorphs, a whole team of them
20. Buck Rogers
21. The Jetsons

A Shout Out to Our Sponsors:

Metropolitan Development Association (MDA): http://www.mda-cny.com/
St. Joe’s Hospital: http://www.sjhsyr.org/sjhhc/
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and our Supporters:

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New Century’s Fame Grows Beyond Syracuse

Written by admin  • April 6, 2010

Several Northside establishments reach beyond the proverbial walls of Syracuse, and the most recent addition to the ranks of the Northside famous include the New Century Vietnamese Restaurant. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle had a reviewer come to Syracuse and sample the various dishes that New Century has to offer:

Rochester has some fine Vietnamese eateries. But put all their menus together into one, and I doubt it would come close to the nine-page tome at New Century Vietnamese Restaurant on the north side of Syracuse.

For the complete article click here.