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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Photo Friday: World Refugee Day 2013

Written by admin  • June 28, 2013

To look at more photographs from World Refugee Day, see the event’s Facebook page.

World Refugee Day Collage Jpeg

New Stylist at Hairanoia

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder1 Comment • June 27, 2013

Hairanoia_Amanda 2

About a month ago, Amanda Dober interviewed for the stylist position at Hairanoia Salon and “fell madly in love.” She appreciated the warm, but sophisticated atmosphere of Hairanoia, a very different experience from the “foo-foo, superficial feeling” of other salons. Luckily, she got the job, and is now available for appointments Tuesday-Saturday.

Amanda began her career path at Alfred University where she received a ceramics scholarship. An inspired artist, she eventually made the transition to hair and attended the Continental School of Beauty in Mattydale. “With Ceramics I’m sculpting, creating,” she explains, “and hair is the same thing.” Amanda has been cutting, treating, and coloring hair for the last three years.

Her specialty is a hair treatment using Keratin, a natural protein found in hair. As we blow dry and style our hair, we create “empty potholes,” formerly filled with Keratin. This causes our hair to become more frizzy and unmanageable. Keratin treatments fill in those holes, giving you smooth, silky hair. “People are addicted,” she proclaims.

To book an appointment with Amanda, you can call her at 315-569-3672. You can also visit her professional Facebook page to receive special offers and deals.

Welcome to the Northside, Amanda!

Beautify Your Neighborhood!

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • June 26, 2013

Bulb project


The Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Project is made up of a volunteers who plant bulbs in public spaces such as schools, median strips, libraries etc. and individuals who are willing to plant bulbs in front of their houses where all can enjoy the blooms. Since 2003, the Bulb Project has planted over 100,000 daffodils, tulips, crocuses, etc. in the city of Syracuse.

If you would like to spread beauty in your neighborhood, there are still bulbs available for purchase!


Cost: $24 per bag of 100. Bulbs sold in bags of 100 only.
Payment: Checks should be made out to the Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Project and mailed to Peter Wirth, 113 Cammot Lane, Fayetteville, NY 13066. We are not set up to handle credit cards. Please include your address, phone number, and e-mail address.
Deadline: All orders must be in by Aug 1.
Delivery: Bulbs will arrive early September. As soon as they are in you will be notified.


Guidelines for Participation

Bulbs are to be planted in the city of Syracuse where they can be seen from the street for all to enjoy. They are not intended for backyards. They can be planted on private property, rental, public spaces (with permission), etc.

All participants must send back a brief report on their efforts after the bulbs have been planted and if possible, include photos. The reports will help publicize the bulb project. Photos are added to the Westcott Neighborhood Facebook page and web site.


Questions? Contact Pete Wirth at pwirth2@verizon.net or call 476-3396.

On the Calendar: Art, Dinner and Music at Sparky Town

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • June 25, 2013

Sparky Town could never be described as “boring.” Their menu includes, “The Hum-Along” turkey sandwich and a Snicker’s Latte. During the “Art 911” art show, however, Sparky Town is pumping up their energy even more. On display are paintings and pottery from local artist, Ken Nichols. He describes his creative style as “Decorative Energist” and his use of bright colors, circular patterns, and interweaving lines are certainly alive with movement. The paintings in particular  represent “universal energy” and inspire positive and happy emotions, a perfect accompaniment to the Sparky Town atmosphere. For the full experience, stop by the restaurant this Friday evening for Dinner & Music, when Folk Strings will perform acoustic folk and traditional Celtic music.

To learn more about Ken Nichols, visit his website. Take a look at Sparky Town’s Facebook for menu updates and other events.

NBP Member: Di Lauro’s Bakery

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • June 24, 2013

If we were in Florence today, we’d be celebrating the Feast Day of San Giovanni Battista. But, do not despair: this is Syracuse and while we won’t have a parade and fireworks today, we do have Di Lauro’s Bakery & Pizza. Founded by the Di Lauro family in 1908, this bakery features fresh and homemade products, including Italian bread, a variety of rolls, pizzas, calzones, and dilunas.

Today, bite into a loaf of crusty Italian bread or a slice of cheesy pizza and celebrate!




Di Lauro's Bakery 4


Editors Note: Each Monday, we’re introducing a community spotlight piece highlighting one of our Northside Business Partnership (NBP) members in an effort to showcase the diverse and unique businesses that make up the Northside. NBP is a collaboration between Northside UP, the Greater North Salina Business Association, and CenterState CEO that works to promote, support, and engage Northside businesses.

Photo Friday: Little Italy – Gateway to Many Nations

Written by Stasya Erickson  • June 21, 2013

Little Italy - Gateway to Many Nations banners

On the Calendar: World Refugee Day

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • June 18, 2013


World Refugee Day 2013


This Saturday, we’re celebrating World Refugee Day! This celebration was created by the United Nations General Assembly  to celebrate the many contributions of refugees around the world. Currently the day is celebrated in over a hundred different countries.

Here in Syracuse we welcome many refugees from around the world who bring their diverse cultures to our neighborhoods. The infographic below was made by the Onondaga Citizen’s League to show the variety of countries where our refugees originated.



During the World Refugee Day celebrations, there is a parade and a festival with food and entertainment. The parade begins at 10:30 AM from the 500 block of N. Salina Street and ends at City Hall where the U.N. flag will be raised. Between 11:30-3:00 PM, downtown Syracuse will be filled with activities, ethnic foods, and dancing. For more information, visit the World Refugee Day’s Facebook page.



World Refugee Day Collage

NBP Spotlight: Francesca’s Cucina

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • June 17, 2013

Good news: the outdoor patio at Francesca’s Cucina is in full bloom and ready for outdoor customers. Stop by on your lunch break for a lobster roll or ravioli and take in the sun. At night, the patio is just as magical, draped in warm light and dangling grape vines.

Did we mention the food’s great, too? Francesca’s is known for its extensive menu featuring both classic Italian dishes and modern-infused daily specialties. Many of the classic recipes have been handed down from their ancestors who have been local restaurateurs for over four generations. Buon appetito!


547 N Salina Street (Francesca's Banquet)


francesca's outside

Editors Note: Each Monday, we’re introducing a community spotlight piece highlighting one of our Northside Business Partnership (NBP) members in an effort to showcase the diverse and unique businesses that make up the Northside. NBP is a collaboration between Northside UP, the Greater North Salina Business Association, and CenterState CEO that works to promote, support, and engage Northside businesses.

Father’s Day

Written by Joe Russo1 Comment • June 16, 2013

Editor’s Note:  Joe Russo is a “Nortsider”, a teacher, and an aspiring writer. We’ve asked him to share his stories of the past and offer his perspective on the present and future of our neighborhood. His posts will appear a couple of times each month under the category, “Old Times on the Northside”.


Both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are dates on a calendar. Certain rituals accompany the day, a back yard barbeque, dinner at a special restaurant or maybe a baseball game. My dad loved watching a baseball game on a warm summer night. As his eyesight began to fail him he keenly tuned into the sounds of the game. He listened for the thump of a fast ball popping into the catcher’s mitt, and of course the umpire’s call, Strike!  My favorite Father’s Day celebration was spending the entire day at the Jazz Fest in Clinton Square when Dave Brubeck and his son, Dan, were the featured performers. Mother’s Day has always been more difficult for me. My Mom, Sarah, passed away in 1958 from injuries suffered in an automobile accident. On Mother’s Day I usually plant Geraniums in the stone pots. I try to remember the things that make me smile and still struggle, after all these years, to hold back the tears.

I remember Dad telling me about the first time he met Mom. It was a dance, they both loved to Jitterbug. Mom went to North High School and Dad went to Vocational High, learning to become a toolmaker. They didn’t know each other before the dance but had mutual friends who loved to Jitterbug as well. The dance became a bond, an expression of their passion for each other. My mother’s favorite singer was Sarah Vaughn; my father’s favorite was Ella Fitzgerald. However, they both loved dancing to Glenn Miller.

World War II intervened and my father was assigned to the Army’s Combat Engineers’ training for the Normandy invasion. My mother worked for General Electric, a defense contractor in Liverpool. Armondo’s story is a story that becomes a legend. He survived the D-Day invasion of Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, and the liberation of Paris.  His military assignment carried him all the way to a linkup with Russian troops at the Elbe River which bordered Czechoslovakia.

It is at this point where his story takes an unexpected turn. While being dispatched from Czechoslovakia to France the truck he was riding hit a landmine. From the chaos that followed he found himself suffering from amnesia. He was actually listed as MIA. The Red Cross found him in a French field hospital. He did not remember his name, the city he was from or how he got the uniform he was wearing. The turning point in bringing back his memory was a photo my grandmother sent to the Red Cross. It was a photo of his dog, Tad. He trained and fed Tad from the time he was twelve years old. Tad was his constant companion and his best friend. Somehow the sight of that Shetland Collie connected neurons, provoked memories and brought him home to the old Northside.

Upon returning home to Syracuse he quickly reunited with Sarah and they married. He could not return to his old job as a toolmaker. He was diagnosed with what was called at the time “shell shock”. Today we call it “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome”.  Through the G. I. Bill he was able to attend the Progressive School of Photography in New Haven, Conn.  He mastered photography, darkroom techniques and camera repair. When he returned to the old Northside he opened his small camera shop. He started first in a backroom of a two family house on Mary Street. In the basement he created a darkroom. Working in black and white photography he shot everything from portraits to wedding photography. He earned a reputation as an artistic portrait photographer. He was able enhance his photography skill with Marshall Oils. In this era just after World War II black and white photos were printed on real paper and could absorb oil paints. I remember how hard he worked to mix paints and get colors just right. His portraits were never overdone. They had just a hint of color to bring out the best qualities in his subject.

What I remember most about my Dad was his optimism. In spite of the Great Depression economic woes and his World War II injuries he found a way to be successful. “Joey,” he would say, “I learn something new every day and that makes life interesting.”

Father's Day_1 Father's Day_2

Photo Friday: Hawley Green

Written by Stasya Erickson  • June 14, 2013

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Photo Friday Hawley-Green