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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Photo Friday: Drifting clouds canopied over Salina

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • July 31, 2015

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Vote for Your Favorite Charity: Laci’s Give Back Celebration

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • July 29, 2015

Laci's banner

Laci’s Tapas Bar needs your input for their 5th Annual Give Back Celebration on August 20! Their Facebook page includes an album with 76 photos of each charity’s logo and includes several Northside entities. Each “like” on the photo qualifies as one vote. The winner with the most votes will be deemed the recipient of funds from Laci’s Give Back Celebration.

Voting ends on August 3 at 3:00 PM. Like Laci’s Tapas Bar on Facebook and visit their album to make your vote!

Scenes from Hawley-Green

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • July 27, 2015


Last Tuesday, the Northeast Hawley Development Association organized two events in Hawley-Green to celebrate the businesses, residents, and officials who make the neighborhood a vibrant, fun place to live and visit.  The day began with an Open House for Businesses and ended with a Community Appreciation Picnic where new “Historic District” banners were unveiled to the public.


To view all the photos for the event click here. Like NEHDA on Facebook to stay up-to-date on neighborhood happenings.

Photo Friday: Outstretched

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • July 24, 2015

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A Two Family House on Mary Street

Written by Joe Russo  • July 23, 2015

Editor’s Note:  Joe Russo is a “Nortsider,” a retired teacher, and an aspiring writer. We’ve asked him to share his stories of the past and offer his perspective on the present and future of our neighborhood. His posts will appear each month under the category, “Old Times on the Northside.”

Joe image

I remember moving to a two family house on Mary Street as though it were an adventure. It was the summer before I started Kindergarten at Our Lady of Pompei School. My Mom and Dad and I lived in a small rented apartment on Highland Street. The apartment was mid-way between both Grandparents. My mother’s parents lived on Grumbach Ave and my father’s parents lived on Butternut Street. So everybody was happy. However, moving to our own house was exciting.

My Aunt Jenny and Uncle Harold Seib were buying the house together with my parents. I think it was a time when families were closer together and pooling their resources was a way to move up the economic ladder. It was a two family house but everyone was going to live on the first floor. They rented out the second floor to another family. It helped pay the mortgage. They had a plan and it worked.

As we were packing up and getting ready to move I was full of questions. Was the school close to our new house? Were there other kids in the neighborhood my age? I’m sure I drove my mom to distraction. I was not disappointed. It was a “dream come true location”. North High School was directly across the street. This was without question the coolest high school in the city. If you are not from the Northside but are familiar with the movie Grease, you’ll catch my drift it was coolsville. I was amazed just to see the guys wearing their white t-shirts backwards with the rolled up sleeves and the greased back hair. I was just an ankle biter but couldn’t wait to be a Greaser.

My mom of course wanted me to be an Ivy Leaguer. I guess college guys didn’t grease back their hair. I really wished those college types would just chillout. The greasers had to work in the car repair shops and factories whereas the Ivy Leaguers had it made in the shade. They got the downtown office gig and the white collar jobs.

All of my dreams came true on Mary Street. There were lots of kids my age and we all walked to school together, in the rain the sun or the snow. We played 3 on 3 baseball games on the lawn at North High. Of course there was always an imaginary man on one of the bases. My mom became the official pitcher. She was a good sport.

I believed Mary Street was the epicenter of the Northside. An entire world existed within walking distance from my house. The Cozy Retreat sold double dip ice cream cones for 12 cents. A loaf of bread cost 24 cents at DiLauro’s Bakery. I didn’t have a key to our house because we never locked the door. At Fisher’s Five and Dime things actually sold for 5 or 10 cents. We had less money but it seemed like we had more choices.

Our lives in that two family house can never be replicated. It was a different era. It was also a foundation. I remember the wonderful supper time chaos with everyone talking at once, loudly. I remember the humor, the stories, and how it all came together to shape an outlook on life. It nurtured a can do spirit. A spirit I believe still lives on the Northside.

On the Calendar: Hawley-Green Business Open House + Community Picnic

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • July 20, 2015

Tomorrow, the Northeast Hawley Development Association (NEHDA) is organizing two events to showcase and celebrate the businesses, residents, and officials who help make Hawley-Green a fun and safe place to live, work, and play.


Hawley-Green Open House for Businesses

Tuesday, July 21, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Open House

Scenes from last year’s Open House event.

The Syracuse community is invited to explore seven different businesses in Hawley-Green, including Hairanoia, ArtRage Gallery, and Laci’s Lunch Box. Punch cards will be available to encourage visitors to explore three or more participating businesses. Once the punch card is complete, individuals will be entered into a raffle with a chance to win a $50 gift card to Laci’s Lunch Box.



2nd Annual Community Appreciation Picnic

Tuesday, July 21, 5:00 – 8:00 PM


Scenes from last year-s Community Appreciation Picnic.

After the Open House event, the community is invited to an appreciation picnic in the Clinton Playlot to celebrate all of the people who work hard to strengthen our neighborhood. NEHDA will also unveil the banner for the historic Hawley-Green district, made possible by many of the business owners and members of the community. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and lemonade will be available from Dominick’s Market. Guests are asked to bring a dish to pass.

Photo Friday: The chill of success

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • July 17, 2015

Our favorite scene from the Syracuse Northeast Community Center‘s Summer Picnic.

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SNCC Community Picnic

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • July 15, 2015


Tomorrow, the Syracuse Northeast Community Center (SNCC) will be hosting their annual Summer Community Picnic from 2:00 – 7:00 PM.  This family-friendly event features face painting, live music, games, a watermelon eating contest, raffles, and more. Hot dogs, popcorn, chips, and drinks will be available for purchase. The community will also have a chance to take aim at the dunk tank, sending SNCC staff and partners into the cold water below.

Please contact Kate with any questions: 472-6343 ext. 201

Changes for Northside UP

Written by Dominic Robinson  • July 13, 2015

Dear Friends and Community Partners,

Over the past year, my team and I have been going through a strategic planning process to determine how to best continue our contributions to the revitalization of our community. As a part of our planning, we’ve had to wrestle with the fact that much of the work has begun to expand beyond the Northside. In particular, our efforts in workforce and small business development have increasingly become city-wide in nature. As those programs have expanded, we’ve learned that they can become much more efficient and impactful at scale. In other words, by expanding beyond a single neighborhood, we can actually create more opportunities and sustain our efforts within the Northside over time. This reality has challenged us to reexamine our organizational structure and position within the community.

After many conversations and much consideration, we are entering into a new phase for our partnership, which is defined by this goal: expand programming across the community, while maintaining a commitment to the continued revitalization of Syracuse’s Northside neighborhood.

This new phase will bring with it many changes to our partnership, the first of which is to further align ourselves with our parent organization, CenterState CEO. As a regional economic development and business leadership organization, CenterState CEO gives our team the operating capacity needed to run programs at scale – and provides greater visibility to our work and access to resources and opportunities. In order to more fully align with CenterState CEO, we’ve decided to move our offices into the CenterState CEO headquarters, on the corner of Salina and West Fayette Street, in downtown Syracuse. We also will be rebranding our partnership to better communicate the evolution of our work and role.

This does not mean, however, that our work is leaving the Northside. Our team will continue to work closely with Northside community leaders, business and property owners, and St. Joseph’s Hospital, to further revitalize the neighborhood.

We strongly believe that our strategic changes will only enhance our impact on the Northside. To ensure that we are maintaining a “boots on the ground” approach, we are partnering with NEHDA (the Northeast Hawley Development Association) to assist in some of our community organizing and convening efforts. While we’ve enjoyed a strong partnership with NEHDA over the years, we believe that there’s significant opportunity to further enhance each other’s efforts and eliminate redundancies between our teams. Ultimately, working more closely with NEHDA allows us to create a stronger voice for the Northside – and a better deployment of resources and energies. This arrangement ensures the long term viability of both organizations.

While we’re moving less than 10 blocks down the street, we recognize that this move represents significant change. Nonetheless, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the work that we’ve been blessed to do for the better part of the past decade. My team and I have been having individual conversations with our Northside partners to communicate these changes. If anyone would like to discuss this further, please feel free to reach out.



Got a question or comment? Get in touch with us at info@northsideup.org with the subject: CHANGES.

Photo Friday: Makeshift clothes line on Hawley Ave.

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • July 9, 2015

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