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Category: Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Urban Dwelling

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • May 19, 2017


Photo Friday: Spotted on Cawtaba Street

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • May 12, 2017

Through the fence

Photo Friday: Meet Cali

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • April 28, 2017

Over the next seven days Cali will be taking over Northside UP’s Instagram account, sharing with you some of her many experiences on the Northside. Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned!

Instagram Take Over Start

“This popular mural was an initial spark of interest in our move to the Northside, and so we were glad to take photos on our anniversary at this wall with photographer @ameliabeamish. The vibrant and cheerful multicolored geometry is a great representation of my experience in the Northside, exploring a diverse community and its captivating places.” – Cali

Photo Friday: Goodbye Winter!

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • April 21, 2017

It’s a Northside tradition to clean away the signs of winter on Earth Day. Check out photos from some of the past Clean Up ‘Cuse events and make sure to sign up for this Saturday’s cleanups with NEHDA or the Syracuse Northeast Community Center.

Cleanup Collage 2

Photo Friday: Happy Birthday, Dominic!

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • April 14, 2017

An impromptu staff photo (minus Danielle and Jonathan) around the football cake was necessary as we celebrated this man whose creativity, vision, and unwavering commitment inspire us every day.

(You may notice a new person on the Economic Inclusion staff. Antonisha, our new Assistant Director of Up Start, joined our team just a few weeks ago!)


Photo Friday: Thanks Theresa

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • April 7, 2017

Theresa’s (elraz) Instagram takeover this week featured photos from her time spent exploring the Northside. Check out all of her photos:www.instagram.com/northsideup.

Instagram Take Over Collage End

Photo Friday: Meet Theresa Barry

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • March 31, 2017

Over the next seven days Theresa, known as “elraz.” will be taking over Northside UP’s Instagram account, sharing with you some of her many experiences on the Northside. Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned!

Instagram Take Over Collage

Theresa Barry (elraz) has a long-time interest in the Northside neighborhood.  It began years ago as she walked around photographing the buildings and street life that she witnessed on North Salina Street. Theresa is a an artist, event organizer, visual merchandiser, community volunteer, photographer and mentor/big sister to 2 Congolese girls. Theresa has volunteered with Hopeprint since 2012 and has more recently volunteered at the newly set up food pantry at the Masjid Isa mosque.  She lives in downtown Syracuse.

“What initially interested me in the northside was the incredible architecture and the history. My husband’s family lived on the northside beginning in the late 1800s and we have  photos of them in places that are still there today―which I love. I started taking regular walks down North Salina Street to photograph the amazing architectural detail on the brick buildings. I became intrigued by the diversity of the neighborhood and vibrant street life I was witnessing and began going into all the little food markets and shops that I would come across. I loved chatting up the owners and getting to know their stories and ideas for their businesses. I started volunteering with Hopeprint in winter of 2012 and through that organization got to know many of the families in the neighborhood.  I then started being  invited into people’s homes, which I considered an honor and a great way to learn about other cultures. And to eat delicious food from around the globe! I’ve never visited the home of a refugee family without being fed.   I love everything about the northside―I think it is the most unique and interesting neighborhood in Syracuse”

Photo Friday: Take to the Street

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • March 24, 2017

Our Co-directors led the Northside walking tour during the Visioning Voices Speaker Series Event this week. Stay tuned for a recap and more photos from the event!


Photo Friday: Winter Fog at Rush Hour

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • March 17, 2017


Photo Friday: Gratitude

Written by Mary Beth Schwartzwalder  • March 10, 2017

This week, Kathy Ruscitto retired from her position as President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health. We are so thankful for all she’s done to support and enrich our community, for her words and her actions, for her unwavering hope and pride in the Northside and our work.



To recognize Kathy, CenterState CEO crafted a “Resolution of Appreciation” following her retirement that celebrates her commitment to fostering economic opportunity for the region.

Resolution of Appreciation Recognizing the Service of Kathryn Ruscitto

WHEREAS, Kathryn Ruscitto served with distinction as President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center for sixteen years; and

WHEREAS, during her tenure and under her leadership, she led significant initiatives dedicated to improving the quality of care for St. Joseph’s patients and their families; and

WHEREAS, she was instrumental in leading a multi-million dollar hospital renovation project that generated jobs and substantial direct and indirect economic benefits for the City of Syracuse and the Central New York region, and as importantly, improved the surrounding Prospect Hill neighborhood; and

WHEREAS, she served on the Boards and in leadership positions of local and national philanthropic, health care and business leadership organizations, including CenterState CEO; and

WHEREAS, through her consistent support and engagement in the work of CenterState CEO, programs such as the Northside Urban Partnership, Up Start and Work Train were all made possible leading to new employment opportunities for neighborhood residents and New Americans, targeted support for entrepreneurs, improved housing stock, and the attraction of new capital and private investment to an area that had long suffered from blight and deterioration.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of CenterState CEO does hereby recognize and express its sincere appreciation to Kathy Ruscitto for not only her contributions to the well-being of the organization, but also for her genuine and compassionate concern for the health and economic well-being of the people of Syracuse and Central New York.