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Changes for Northside UP

Written by Dominic Robinson  • July 13, 2015

Dear Friends and Community Partners,

Over the past year, my team and I have been going through a strategic planning process to determine how to best continue our contributions to the revitalization of our community. As a part of our planning, we’ve had to wrestle with the fact that much of the work has begun to expand beyond the Northside. In particular, our efforts in workforce and small business development have increasingly become city-wide in nature. As those programs have expanded, we’ve learned that they can become much more efficient and impactful at scale. In other words, by expanding beyond a single neighborhood, we can actually create more opportunities and sustain our efforts within the Northside over time. This reality has challenged us to reexamine our organizational structure and position within the community.

After many conversations and much consideration, we are entering into a new phase for our partnership, which is defined by this goal: expand programming across the community, while maintaining a commitment to the continued revitalization of Syracuse’s Northside neighborhood.

This new phase will bring with it many changes to our partnership, the first of which is to further align ourselves with our parent organization, CenterState CEO. As a regional economic development and business leadership organization, CenterState CEO gives our team the operating capacity needed to run programs at scale – and provides greater visibility to our work and access to resources and opportunities. In order to more fully align with CenterState CEO, we’ve decided to move our offices into the CenterState CEO headquarters, on the corner of Salina and West Fayette Street, in downtown Syracuse. We also will be rebranding our partnership to better communicate the evolution of our work and role.

This does not mean, however, that our work is leaving the Northside. Our team will continue to work closely with Northside community leaders, business and property owners, and St. Joseph’s Hospital, to further revitalize the neighborhood.

We strongly believe that our strategic changes will only enhance our impact on the Northside. To ensure that we are maintaining a “boots on the ground” approach, we are partnering with NEHDA (the Northeast Hawley Development Association) to assist in some of our community organizing and convening efforts. While we’ve enjoyed a strong partnership with NEHDA over the years, we believe that there’s significant opportunity to further enhance each other’s efforts and eliminate redundancies between our teams. Ultimately, working more closely with NEHDA allows us to create a stronger voice for the Northside – and a better deployment of resources and energies. This arrangement ensures the long term viability of both organizations.

While we’re moving less than 10 blocks down the street, we recognize that this move represents significant change. Nonetheless, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the work that we’ve been blessed to do for the better part of the past decade. My team and I have been having individual conversations with our Northside partners to communicate these changes. If anyone would like to discuss this further, please feel free to reach out.



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