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Friar Confectioner

Written by Emma Voigt2 Comments • September 6, 2012

Last year, Assumption Church began exploring ways to raise funds for their food pantry and kitchen. Specifically, they needed a new church van in order to pick up donations for both programs. Every day the pantry receives donations from about five grocery stores, the Central New York Regional Market, and the Matthew 25 Farm. During the harvest season, they receive donations from about 25 additional farms.

Since Brother Nick and Kim Street, a church volunteer, both liked to bake, a bake sale seemed like a good fundraising option. And because they wanted to avoid placing too large a burden on their congregation, they realized they needed additional support from outside the church community. So, they expanded their bake sale idea and decided to offer their goods at the Central New York Regional Market where they could reach a larger clientele.

The Assumption Church calls their confectioneries “Friar Tuck Shortbread”. Together, Brother Nick, Kim and a few other volunteers make many different varieties of shortbread cookies. Brother Nick describes their cookies as more soft and tender than traditional sugar cookies. Shortbread uses far less sugar, no milk and no eggs, so the cookies have a much more buttery flavor. They also produce sandwich cookies, which fit together two shortbread pieces with a variety of fruit preserve fillings, calling them Linzer Tarts and Lemon Drops. Brother Nick and Kim make their own lemon curd for a creamy filling in the Lemon Drops. Some cookies are covered in dark chocolate. Though shortbread is their specialty, they also make chocolate truffles including dark chocolate and bourbon flavors.

Brother Nick and Kim usually make about 800 cookies at a time, and they do this in addition to running the Assumption Church soup kitchen and food pantry. With these other priorities they have a limited amount of time for baking. Nevertheless, their cookies are made on schedule and extremely delicious. Want to taste them for yourself? First National Gifts in Skaneateles carries Friar Tuck Shortbread. And starting September 29 you can find these treats at the CNY Regional Market as well, but to place an order you may call the “Cookie Hotline” at (315) 729-6525. Assumption Church hopes to continue expanding “Friar Tuck Shortbread” by placing their cookies at more locations throughout the community.



Comments (2)

  1. Lisa

    These cookies are AWESOME, can’t wait to see you back at the market on Sept. 29th!

  2. Sister Dolly

    Brother Nick treated us to the sandwich cookie version at our recent staff meeting. These are DELISH!