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Healthy Developments

Written by Stephen Aguayo  • September 4, 2012

When I first began working at Northside UP, I felt overwhelmed trying to understand the nature of our complex collaborative partnership. It is a true feat when a diverse group of entities are able to work together to address various challenges within our city, be they economic, social, health, or environmental. Across the country many national funders, community development experts, and health field professionals are recognizing how the physical and social environment can greatly affect the health of a community.  In this recent article, a Robert Wood Johnson senior fellow explains, “the solutions to health disparities really lie with the domain of community development.” As we identify communities as complex systems, it becomes reasonable to assume a wide variety of individuals and organizations need to engage in collaborative activities to improve the quality of life within them. Here on the Northside we are fortunate to have St. Joe’s, an institution eagerly engaging in and contributing to the revitalization efforts taking place on the Northside. And we’re proud to partner with them and many other local organizations in our work.


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