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Launching Health Train

Written by admin  • May 18, 2012

Northside UP is very excited to announce the launch of our second job training program– Health Train!

This program is designed to identify and prepare Northside and Syracuse residents for entry level positions within St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center and throughout the local health care industry. Facilitated by the Northside Urban Partnership and Visions for Change, Health Train is based upon “Green Train”, the construction training program that we’ve piloted with CenterState CEO and other partners over the past three years.

The pilot Health Train program has been sponsored by St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center (SJHHC) and developed in collaboration with SJHHC human resources staff. The program will connect un-and-underemployed community members with entry level jobs and assist them in pursuing long-term career opportunities within the hospital. It’s been designed to create efficiencies within the hiring process for employers and reduce employee turnover.

This week, we held testing and tryouts and have selected 15 great candidates for the pilot program. The first day of class is Monday, May 21st. Stay tuned for lots of photos and updates on our first run!

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