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Laura Serway on Leadership

Written by admin  • February 27, 2018

Laura Serway and her partner, Cindy Seymour, opened Laci’s Tapas Bar in 2010. Since then, we’ve seen them invest passionately in relationships and community. Today Syracuse.com is featuring Laura’s perspective on leadership:

“Their influence and leadership extends into the Hawley-Green District, where they nurture entrepreneurs, rehab properties, and have become an anchor for a place where Victorian architecture, walkability, and neighborhood spirit are celebrated.

(Laura) …My pop (John Serway) is my mentor. As a child, I would walk through the factories with him, holding his hand and watching what he did. He would stop and talk to every person in the shop every day – and with a smile. He may say to them: This piece of wood looks right. Or you need to put the planer to this one more time. Whatever it was, he always spoke to people in a calm, easy way. He always felt that he worked for his people. He knew he was the boss, the owner, but he was always showing, teaching, coaching, praising. “

Read the full article at Syracuse.com.

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