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“Living” Spaces

Written by Stephen Aguayo2 Comments • February 24, 2012

Syracuse is brimming with possibilities, especially if you consider the many abandoned and neglected spaces in our city as sites of great potential. Hard work and creativity, applied throughout the city, have already transformed some vacant spaces into art galleries, creative work-spaces, and new businesses.

In Milwaukee, Sweet Water Organic has infused an abandoned warehouse space with new life. The founders of Sweet Water Organic utilized a “three-tiered, bio-intensive, simulated wetland” environment to grow various vegetables and raise fish. A vestige of a once thriving industry has become a bountiful testament to the untapped potential of human ingenuity by building a socially and environmentally conscious future. This project re-imagines vacant space, creates fresh economic opportunity and supports the local food system… who else is thinking we need hydroponics on the Northside?

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  1. Huge props to NorthsideUp for giving Syracuse a much needed shot in the arm of innovation, energy, and forward thinking! In regards to abandoned spaces, the verdeHOUSE in DC has been doing a lot of cool stuff lately that might be worth looking into. (http://www.theverdehouse.com/) If your team hasn’t already connected with them it might be worth the outreach, as both your initiatives could probably learn from each other. Go Cuse!

    P.S. The blog comment fields don’t have labels (i.e. first name, last name, email) and an error message appears if the fields aren’t filled correctly. You may want to add a sentence explaining what to put after “Your email address will not be published” because silly people like myself may get confused.

  2. admin

    Hi, Ray.

    Thank you very much for the support! We’ll check out the verdeHOUSE and are handling the comments issue as we write. Thanks for the note!