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Photo Friday: Around the Neighborhood

Written by Stasya Erickson  • May 25, 2012

Today, a few of us from the office went for another walk around the Northside. We stopped into shops, spoke with people on the streets and basked in the beautiful Friday sun. These walks always help me reconnect with our mission and charge my passion for this neighborhood. They also provide me with an opportunity to document the Northside. As you can imagine, there’s never a shortage of amusing activities taking place here and I treasure the moments when I get to capture them on film.

A few of the photos I took today are worth sharing, such as this one of a cat doing some parkour tricks on N. Salina St:















This dog, resting in a storefront:















This small figurine leaning on the foundation of a house on N. McBride:















And the Assumption towers, amid all that green:


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