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Relaunch of Iconic Northside Beer

Written by admin  • February 22, 2018

Onondaga Historical Association and Willow Rock Brewing Company are partnering to re-launch one of the iconic beers of the Northside:

“Congress, once brewed by the Haberle Brewery on Syracuse’s North Side, was the last of the “old school” pre-craft era beers made in Syracuse…The Haberle brewery, last located at Butternut and North McBride streets, first opened in the late 1800s, when it was one of almost  a dozen breweries operating on the city’s North Side or along the Erie Canal. It reopened in 1933 after Prohibition and closed in 1962.”

Read the full article on Syracuse.com.

Onondaga Historical Association

Which reminds us of this post by Joe a few years back – The King of Beer Lives on the Northside: “A larger than life statue of the good king protruded from the outer wall of the Haberle Brewing Company… Empowered by the thrill of getting away with something we waited for the closest workman to turn his back toward us. Then in Keystone Cops fashion we tripped and stumbled over each other while lunging for the beer.”

Read up on Joe’s adventure at the brewery here.

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