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115 W Fayette Street Syracuse, NY 13202

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Laci’s Tapas Bar

NPB Member

304 Hawley Avenue

Syracuse, NY 13203

Phone: 315-218-5903

Fax: 315-218-6361


Contact Name: Christa Maier

Cindy Seymour and Laura Serway created “Laci” in 2006 when they opened their first coffee shop at the regional market commons. Laci is a combination of their first names, LA for Laura and CI for Cindy. Since then, they have spearheaded several ventures in the city of Syracuse, first with Laci’s at the Palace Theater, then onto Laci’s Burger Joint on James Street, and now to Laci’s Tapas Bar in the historic Hawley/Green neighborhood. Whether you’re with a large group or stopping for a quick drink after work, Laci’s Tapas Bar is a wonderful dining experience that never falls short on the quality of food, service, and atmosphere. Stop in today!

Dinner, Tapas, Cocktails

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